Interested in becoming a beekeeper, whether as a career or a hobby? Here are helpful hints in becoming a beekeeper.

honey Keep bees where there is an abundance of flowers in different varieties all season. 

honey Start a hive in a warm dry place.

honey Suppress & treat mites if necessary.

honey Avoid synthetic miticide & pesticides.

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Selecting an Apiary Site

There are four things that you should take into consideration when deciding on placement for your bees:

  • Sunlight
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Protection

Materials for Beekeeping

NON-BEE RELATED MATERIALS: Hammer, wood glue, wood square, ratcheting straps, paint, painting tools, spray bottles.

BASIC PARTS OF THE HIVE: Covers, inner cover, honey supers, queen excluders, brood boxes, bottom board, entrance reducers, hive stands, frames, foundations, nails, feeders.

TOOLS USED IN BEEKEEPING: Hive tool, bee brush, smokers, helmet, veils, gloves, suits, frame rests.

EXTRACTING EQUIPMENT: Extractor, uncapping device, uncapping tank, filtering/straining equipment, containers.