About Us

We make one profound promise to all of our customers: to deliver ethically sourced, safe, quality food products.

We focus on authenticity, safety and quality. We work with only trusted, carefully selected, trained farmers. We invest in our company through use of the latest technology in our high-tech labs and facilities. We lead the charge on traceability.

  • Authenticity

    All our products are gone through serious lab testing & met all the guidelines of FSSAI. Of course all ROSES & TULIP products are certified. For us, it’s a badge of honour. For you, it’s peace of mind.

  • Safety

    No one has a more focused commitment to product safety than ROSES & TULIP. Each of our dedicated team members is trained in food safety and defense, and is vigilant about performing regular safety and quality audits.

  • Quality

    To ensure product quality we source our products directly from trained farmers. We support and further efforts in sustainable farming practices, honeybee research, habitat preservation, beekeeping traditions and consumer education.


At ROSES AND TULIP,  our company is our hive - an environment that fosters collaboration, camaraderie & community service. Our H1VE program is all about growing our most valuable assets - our team members. Together we thrive by focusing on 3 areas that we believe make a difference in the lives of our team & make the world a better place: